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The StrongBack products are a new look at wheelchairs and transport chairs. European engineering has provided us with a well thought our wheelchair/transport chair with features, comfort and quality that were previously very hard to find in a wheelchair without having one customer built.

The seat has a slight “rake” as does the back, so you sit deeper into the wheelchair and are in a more relaxed seating position. The adjustable lumbar support adds even more comfort.  We are finding these chairs to be especially well liked by taller individuals, but we encourage anyone spending several hours per day in a wheelchair to try out a StrongBack in our stores!

16″, 18″ and 20″ seat width options are available and care-giver brakes are optional on several models (which we strongly recommend). Anti-Tipper wheels are standard as well!




  • Curved back supports the natural lumbar curve of the spine
  • Seat angle aligns the pelvis for proper posture
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handles
  • Easy grip, swing-away footrests
  • Care giver hand brakes


  • Supports the lumbar curve of your spine, thus decreasing pressure on the spinal discs
  • Reduces pressure on discs and coccyx
  • Seat angle prevents slipping and slouching forward, improves user stability, and reduces seat shear on sensitive pressure points of the buttocks
  • 1.2 “/3 cm seat cushion for added comfort


  • beautifully curved lines and attention to detail make this chair the new standard of comfort and design.


  • Velcro adjustable back flaps allow the user to easily adjust the location and firmness of lumbar support
  • No need for bulky cushions and other support structures
  • Swing-away detachable footrests


  • Patented STRONGBACK ergonomics with easily adjustable posture support in the backrest
  • Compact foldable design
  • Ultra-lightweight. 25.8lbs for the Strongback 24 (leg rests removed)
  • Swing-away detachable footrests
  • Ergonomic comfort-grip handles
  • Comfortable desktop-length armrests
  • Care Giver hand brakes offer better control and improved safety
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Additional information

Weight 0.0000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000000 × 0.0000000 × 0.0000000 in

Excursion 12, Excursion 8, StrongBack24


16", 18", 20"

Attendant Brakes

none, with


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