AZMediQuip’s Premier Partners

Together with our Premier Partners, we’re building an ecosystem of businesses that support the senior community. Like us, our partners provide the products and services need to empower independence. We partner with home health organizations, placement agencies, senior living communities, rehabilitation centers, and service providers.

Partners in the Senior Community

AZ MediQuip’s premier partnership program is a beacon of community support and collaboration, designed to foster mutual growth and enhance the well-being of individuals in need. At the heart of this initiative are our valued partners, essential components in our mission to provide unparalleled assistance and resources.

For community members wondering why supporting these partners matters, the answer lies in the shared commitment to improving lives. AZ MediQuip’s partners are carefully selected entities that align with our dedication to health and wellness. By supporting them, individuals contribute to a network of organizations devoted to making a positive impact on the community’s health, accessibility, and overall quality of life.

For potential partners considering joining our premier program, the benefits are manifold. We offer a platform where like-minded entities can connect, collaborate, and amplify their collective impact. As a partner, you gain access to a supportive community of organizations dedicated to fostering health and well-being. The partnership provides visibility and recognition, showcasing your commitment to making a difference.

AZ MediQuip’s premier partnership program is more than a collaboration; it’s a synergistic effort to build a stronger, healthier community. By joining forces with us, partners become integral to a network that values their contribution and empowers them to be catalysts for positive change. Together, we are not just partners; we are a force for better health, accessibility, and community well-being. Explore the possibilities, join the coalition, and become a vital part of our shared journey towards a healthier future.

Home Instead is one of AZ MediQuip's most trusted partners.

Home Instead

Senior care services from Home Instead® professional caregivers help to enhance the aging experience by providing practical support at home with a human touch. Our Care Pros immerse themselves into wherever home is to assist with common activities of daily living and build a lasting relationship with you and your family.

One of our premier partners, we are members of the Senior Resource Connectors coalition.

Senior Resource Connectors

Our mission is to provide Arizona seniors and their loved ones easy access to the most trusted and highly professional resources for care as they encounter the many physical and emotional challenges that come with aging today.

Become a Premier Partner

The Premier Partner program is a win-win-win for the senior community, the partnering organization, and your team. Contact Heather Zielinski, director of marketing, to get started.