Industry Leading Brands At Your Fingertips

AZ MediQuip prioritizes quality and innovation by partnering with industry leaders in durable medical equipment, ensuring customers have access to cutting-edge solutions. The company’s long-standing relationships with suppliers safeguard against supply chain disruptions, allowing for swift special orders and consistent inventory. Leveraging volume sales, our team skillfully negotiates with suppliers, providing customers with top-tier products at affordable prices.

Partnering with the Leading Brands in Durable Medical Equipment

We carry the top brands in medical equipment at our medical supply stores

Delivering excellence through trusted relationships

Our commitment to providing top-notch durable medical equipment begins with our strategic partnerships with industry-leading brands. This deliberate choice allows us to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions featuring the latest advancements in technology.

The power of association with industry leaders

By aligning ourselves with suppliers who stand at the forefront of durable medical equipment, we ensure that our customers have access to the best products available in the market. Our emphasis on quality stems from the belief that superior equipment contributes to enhanced patient care and well-being.

Navigating supply chain challenges through long-standing relationships

In a world where supply chain disruptions and shortages have become commonplace, AZ MediQuip prides itself on nurturing enduring relationships with industry-leading suppliers. This strategic approach places us in a unique position to maintain robust inventory levels, even when competitors grapple with the uncertainties of the market. Our close collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers allows us to facilitate swift special orders, ensuring that our customers receive the products they need promptly.

Affordability through volume sales and skillful negotiations

Our success is rooted in excellent customer service, quality, knowledge, and affordability. Operating multiple retail medical equipment stores enables us to generate significant sales volume, giving us the leverage to negotiate skillfully with our suppliers. This, in turn, translates into affordable prices for our customers. We believe that everyone should have access to the best durable medical equipment without compromising on financial well-being.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of healthcare, we remain dedicated to the senior community. We deliver excellence through our choice of partners, ensuring our customers receive the highest standard of durable medical equipment tailored to their needs.

Protect Your Independence

Ensure your peace of mind and maintain independence when you guard against accidents. Home safety and accessibility installations proactively address issues to prevent accidents and keep people aging in place longer.

Grab Bars

Security Pole

Bathtub Conversion

Vehicle Lift

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Pool Lift


Stair Lift

Threshold Ramp

Exterior Ramp

AZ MediQuip Reviews

Buying something from your store means in your life there is a need for special needs items. Chris and Diana were outstanding and informative on phone and in person, the bed we purchased was delivered and set up with issues but seemed like none because Chris handled them like a superstar.

I will always go there in the future.

David Garcia



/ 5.0

Mathew was very helpful in my search for the lift chair I desired. It was not available in Tucson but was located in Chandler and he arranged to have it sent here. Diana demonstrated all the chairs functions on a same model in the store and provided excellent service. Hopefully the chair will be in Tucson very soon and delivered to me quickly.

Kenneth Hughes