Hoyer Lift or Patient Lift Rental

Renting a patient lift from AZ MediQuip ensures affordable access to expertly maintained and sanitized equipment, prioritizing safety for both the patient and caregiver. Vital for preventing injuries during transfers, our patient lifts offer ease and security. Coupled with hospital bed or wheelchair rentals, this comprehensive solution addresses diverse healthcare needs without long-term commitments. Trust AZ MediQuip for cost-effective, well-maintained patient lift rentals, providing crucial support for a safer and more comfortable caregiving experience.

AZ MediQuip Rents Patient Lifts

Renting a patient lift is a practical choice for individuals facing temporary mobility challenges or those assisting with the care of a loved one. Patient lifts provide essential support for transferring individuals between different surfaces, such as beds, chairs, or wheelchairs. The decision to rent a patient lift often arises in situations where short-term assistance is needed, such as during post-surgery recovery or rehabilitation.

Understanding the nuances between types of patient lifts is crucial when choosing the right one for your needs. A sit-to-stand lift is a versatile option designed for individuals who can bear some weight and actively participate in the transfer process. This lift aids users in moving from a seated to a standing position, promoting independence and preserving their dignity. On the other hand, an electric, Hoyer-style lift is a more comprehensive solution suitable for individuals with limited weight-bearing capacity or those who are entirely dependent on caregiver assistance. These lifts feature a sling that cradles the individual, allowing for safe and comfortable transfers with minimal physical strain on both the patient and the caregiver.

Whether opting for a sit-to-stand lift or an electric Hoyer-style lift, renting provides the flexibility needed for short-term caregiving situations. Renting a patient lift ensures access to the right equipment without the long-term commitment of ownership, making it a cost-effective and practical solution for those facing temporary mobility challenges or assisting in the care of a loved one. Trust AZ MediQuip for expertly maintained and sanitized patient lifts available for rent, providing you with the necessary support during challenging times.

Patient Lifts for Rent

Patient lift rental in AZ

Electric Hoyer Lift or Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift for Rent

AZ MediQuip patient lift rental options include the electric Hoyer-style lift and the sit-to-stand lift. Both options feature a sturdy frame, lifting mechanism, and a sling or harness to securely lift and support the patient during transfers. The equipment is adjustable to accommodate different heights and weights, ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for both the patient and the caregiver.

Electric Hoyer Style Patient Lift for Rent

The hand controlled Electric Hoyer style lift eliminates physical exertion by the caregiver and provides for safe patient transfers.

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Locking caster wheels
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Electric Hoyer Patient Lift for rent: $375 Monthly; $125 Weekly

Electric Standing Patient Lift (Sit-to-Stand or Sara Lift) for Rent

The electric standing patient lift (sit-to-stand or Sara Lift) in our rental fleet is designed to provide quick, safe assistance to those who have trouble standing. The lift features a unique, ergonomically designed foot pedal base opening. 

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Easy base width adjustment accommodates chairs and commodes
  • Locking caster wheels
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Electric Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift for rent: $375 Monthly; $125 Weekly

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  • We maintain our equipment to the highest standards, conducting regular maintenance and rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.
  • We adhere to the strictest cleanliness protocols, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all rental equipment.
  • Many of our rental products are available for pick-up from our eight medical supply stores.

  • White-glove delivery and set-up is available for all rental items.
  • Delivery costs may vary.

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Andrew was great finding an adjustable hospital bed for my father and delivering it right when we needed it in two days. He was very helpful in answering questions on a number of issues regarding equipment. He spent quality time over the phone with me, and was patient. I would definitely use this company again because of my experience with Andrew, and the prompt delivery. My dad is still in skilled nursing and hasn’t tried out the bed yet, but we were glad to be able to rent something so it will be waiting for him when he is discharged.

Evan Keefer