Recovery and Rehab Rental in Arizona

AZ MediQuip is your premier destination for renting top-quality rehabilitation products, including Cold Therapy Machines and Knee CPM machines. With our convenient rental options, you can choose from weekly or monthly rentals based on your specific needs.

We understand the importance of cleanliness and safety when it comes to medical equipment. That’s why we take pride in professionally maintaining and sanitizing all of our rental equipment. You can trust that our products are in excellent condition and ready to assist you in your recovery journey.

While renting the Cold Therapy Machine and Knee CPM Machine, please note that the use of pads is required. We offer a range of pads that can be purchased either in-store at any of our eight locations or conveniently online.

AZ MediQuip Rents Cold Therapy & Knee CPM Machines

Renting a Cold Therapy Machine or Knee Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device can be a wise decision for individuals seeking targeted and effective solutions for post-operative recovery or injury rehabilitation. Cold Therapy Machines, which deliver controlled cold therapy to specific body areas, are particularly beneficial for reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation after surgeries or injuries. Renting allows users to access this specialized equipment for the duration of their recovery without the commitment of a permanent purchase, making it a cost-effective option.

On the other hand, Knee CPM devices are designed to gently flex and extend the knee joint, promoting circulation, preventing stiffness, and aiding in the healing process. Renting a Knee CPM is advantageous for those recovering from knee surgery, providing a consistent and controlled range of motion crucial for optimal rehabilitation. Whether it’s a temporary post-operative need or a short-term injury recovery, renting Cold Therapy Machines or Knee CPMs offers individuals the flexibility to access specialized medical equipment tailored to their unique recovery journey without the long-term commitment of ownership. Choose the convenience and targeted support of renting these devices from AZ MediQuip to enhance your recovery process with confidence and ease.

Recovery & Rehab Products for Rent

Knee CPMs & cold therapy machines are among the rehab rentals available at AZ Mediquip in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott areas.

Knee CPMs for Rent

A Knee CPM is often prescribed by a physician for knee surgery recovery. Renting a Knee CPM out-of-pocket is often less expensive than your insurance co-pay.

CPM stands for Continuous Passive Motion—basically your knee is exercised within a programmed range of motion (extension and flexion) for a set time period of time several times per day. Angles and time periods are typically defined by your doctor or therapist and the machine’s programming is easy to set on your own. Knee CPM pads are available for purchase.

  • Knee CPM for rent: $375 Monthly; $125 Weekly

Rent a Cold Therapy Machine

Rent a cold therapy machine for rehab and recovery

Cold Therapy Machines for Rent

Our Cold Therapy rentals are an easy way to get the relief of cold therapy for a short term injury or surgery recovery need. Add ice and water, attach the therapy pad to your body, and turn on the circulation pump. It’s that easy to use.

Therapy pads are available for purchase, and include a variety of sizes/shapes including universal knee/shoulder, small or large shoulder, ankle, and lumbar. Click here for a complete list of pad sizes available.

  • Cold Therapy Machine for rent: $105 Monthly; $35 Weekly

Rent a Cold Therapy Machine or Knee CPM Today

  • We maintain our equipment to the highest standards, conducting regular maintenance and rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.
  • We adhere to the strictest cleanliness protocols, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all rental equipment.
  • Many of our rental products are available for pick-up from our eight medical supply stores.

  • White-glove delivery and set-up is available for all rental items.
  • Delivery costs may vary.

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Andrew was great finding an adjustable hospital bed for my father and delivering it right when we needed it in two days. He was very helpful in answering questions on a number of issues regarding equipment. He spent quality time over the phone with me, and was patient. I would definitely use this company again because of my experience with Andrew, and the prompt delivery. My dad is still in skilled nursing and hasn’t tried out the bed yet, but we were glad to be able to rent something so it will be waiting for him when he is discharged.

Evan Keefer