Invacare PreciseRx pediatric oxygen flow control


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The Invacare PreciseRx Pediatric Flowmeter adapts Invacare oxygen concentrators for pediatrics or low flow usage. The flowmeter delivers oxygen at flow rates as low as 1/16 LPM, and operates with or without a humidifier bottle. The device is easy to install and no tools are necessary for setup.

The oxygen supply must be continuous flow (no pulse dose concentrators will work with this product!) and be set to flow 2 liters per minute. Home concentrators, oxygen tanks and portable concentrators with a continuous flow setting (SimplyGo or OxLife for example) are all acceptable oxygen supplies for the PreciseRx flow control.

The PreciseRx Pediatric Flowmeter does not require concentrator modification when installing the flowmeter. Back pressure on concentrator is prevented when operating the PreciseRx Flowmeter.

Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with or without humidifier bottle
  • No tools required for easy installation
  • Delivers precise low-flow oxygen 1/16–3/4 LPM or 50–750 cc/min
  • Adapts Invacare Oxygen Concentrators for pediatric application
  • Delivers flow rates as low as 1/16 LPM or 50 cc/min
  • Operates with or without a humidifier bottle
  • No permanent concentrator modification required


  • Oxygen Input: 2 LPM
  • Pressure: 5+/-0.5 PSI
  • Limited Warranty: 1 year


Product Parameters:

  • INPUT PRESSURE RATING: 34.5 ± 3.45 KPa (5 ± 0.5 psi)
  • OXYGEN INPUT: 2 L/min
  • OXYGEN OUTPUT: 0 – 750 cc/min (0 – ¾ L/min)
  • 50 cc/min (1/16 L/min)
  • FLOW ACCURACY: ± 10% of full scale
  • WIDTH: 11.94 cm (4.7 in)
  • HEIGHT: 14.48 cm (5.7 in)
  • DEPTH: 14.48 cm (5.7 in)
  • WEIGHT: 0.8 kg (1.86 lbs)



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