Inogen One G4 Hip Bag


The new InogenOne G4 Hip Bag is the first of its kind for oxygen users! With special vented panels and a clear interface panel the hip bag is specially designed specifically to carry and care for your Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Twin zippered pockets, to either side of the main pouch, provide space for an extra battery or cannulas, plus small convenience items like a cell phone, wallet, or keys.


The hip bag features an EVA-protected compartment that holds your InogenOne G4 POC firmly in place and helps protect it from accidental bumps. Special mesh venting assists in keeping the unit cool while operating; and a protective display shield provides protection from dirt and moisture, while allowing easy access to the cannula and controls. Finally the hip bag includes a sturdy thermoformed belt that provides padded comfort and stability and allows a greater sense of mobility without the fear of damaging the device. The adjustable waist belt fits a minimum waist circumference of 31 inches and a maximum of 58 inches.

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