Bubble Humidifier Chamber


Works with all home oxygen concentrators.  Oxygen flows through the bubble humidifier adding important moisture to the flow of oxygen.  This is especially important in a dry climate like Arizona or any climate where one is using a heater in the winter.   We recommend using distilled or reverse osmosis water to prevent mineral deposits building up inside the chamber.  Connection tubing available, but sold separately.



  • Disposable, durable plastic
  • Unique diffuser designed to provide patient with comfortable, therapeutic humidity and minimal noise
  • Defined maximum and minimum water level lines
  • Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off outlet connection
  • Preset audible alarm at 6 psi pressure relief
  • Allows for use of longer lengths of oxygen tubing without the audible alarm sounding

Additional information

Weight 0.0000000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000000 × 0.0000000 × 0.0000000 in


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