Common reasons for self-pay are:

  • unable to find a quality contracted Medicare B DME provider
  • unreasonably high deductibles
  • long processing times for needed equipment
  • not meeting stringent health insurance qualifications
  • wanting to choose what equipment one receives
  • lack of quality from insurance contracted providers

Most contracted equipment providers are limited to the most basic and lowest cost equipment due to the low reimbursements paid by the insurance companies. The insurance providers have no retail store and you cannot choose what you receive and you have no say or control over the equipment or the process.

At AZ MediQuip, you are not limited. We can provide you with the exact equipment you desire to meet your specific needs and lifestyle. Though AZ MediQuip cannot bill your insurance company for items you wish to purchase or rent from AZ MediQuip, we can provide guidance should you wish to seek reimbursement on your own.