Used Oxlife Independance Portable Oxygen Concentrator

$2,899.00 $1,800.00

From our rental fleet, we continuously maintain and is in excellent condition! Clean, sanitized, tested.


The OxLife Independence is one of the very few portable oxygen concentrators that can produce 3 liters per minute continuous flow.

Continuous versus continuous Equivalent are very different specifications. Continuous Equivalent means the machine is PULSE DOSE and not a constant flow.  The OxLife Independence can produce 3 liters per minute of constant flow oxygen AND has battery saving settings for pulse usage (seeing from 1 to 6).

For full specifications, please click here:

This used model includes an AC adapter/charger, DC adapter, and two batteries.  Additional used or new batteries are available. Located in all AZ MediQuip locations, but availability can fluctuate – please call ahead.

Portable Oxygen can be confusing – please call us for information and honest answers you will only get from a local dealer that has to support our customers!



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