Golden Buzz EX Battery Dock


The charging dock is compatible with the Buzzaround EX  and Buzzaround LX scooters only. It will not accept loose batteries or the battery boxes from any other models.


The battery charging dock for the Golden Buzzaround EX and LX mobility scooters lets you conveniently charge your scooter’s battery packs by themselves – not attached to the scooter. If you are traveling with your scooter, the dock allows the scooter to remain in a trunk or latched onto a carrier while your batteries could be charging while inside your hotel room or even inside your vehicle. Just remove the two battery boxes from the scooter, place them on the charging dock, plug your regular charger into the dock and an AC outlet. When charged, remove the battery boxes and place them on the scooter. Yes, it really is just that easy to keep your Buzzaround EX charged up and ready to go.


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