Dreamwear Full Face Mask Fit-Pack


The DreamWear Full-Face Mask is a revolutionary full face mask brought to you by Philips Respironics. The mask offers the best of comfort and compliance even for first time CPAP users. DreamWear is ultra-light and it gives the feeling that you are not wearing anything at all. The structure of the mask is also built so that patients can sleep comfortably in any position that they want.

DreamWear masks direct airflow through the frame so that patients have a restful night of sleep. The tubing system is is located at the top of the head which allows patients to sleep in any desired position without becoming hindered by the tubing connection. With the DreamWear full face mask you can sleep on your back, your stomach or on your side- whichever position is most comfortable to you.

The DreamWear Fit-Pack includes the mask frame and headgear, along with Small, Medium, Large and Medium Wide cushions – so you can find the right size and get a great nights sleep!


Prescription Required, please click here for more information or call your nearest AZ MediQuip store.

DreamWear Full Face Mask top highlights

  • Soft silicone engineered frame – a very light & flexible material designed for comfort
  • Top-of-head connection for tubing- move around freely and sleep in your preferred position without any hindrances
  • DreamWear offers an open field of vision – so that you can enjoy wearing your glasses if needed, watching TV or reading. All these while receiving the required oxygen therapy
  • In-frame airflow system – the air is smartly redirected through the frame system so that you and your bed partner can sleep comfortably
  • No more red marks – this innovative mask will not leave any red marks on the bridge of your nose
    Interchangeable cushions – you can now easily switch between the nasal and gel pillows cushions
  • Highly innovative under the nose design of the frame. The mask does not come in direct contact with the bridge of the nose or the nostrils

DreamWear: One mask fits all cushion types

You don’t have to change masks in order to switch cushions. The most difficult task is to choose the right mask for tyour comfort. It is a constant trial and error because users find it difficult to adapt to the new mask type, cushion or headgear.

Mask leakage, poor overall fit of the mask, or nasal congestion are only a few of the issues they struggle with when trying on a new mask.

The good news is that the unique DreamWear design allows physicians to quickly and easily switch between full face, nasal and gel pillows cushions…without the need to change the mask.

DreamWear key benefits:

In designing this revolutionary mask, Philips has taken into account the biggest challenges CPAP patients struggle with:

  • Up to 40% of users said the problem is their mask leaves red marks on the face, at the bridge of the nose, etc.
  • Up to 42% of users agree the main challenge is that the hose gets in their way.
  • Up to 48% say the problem is they cannot move freely or sleep in the position that hey desire

Philips kept in mind all these challenges when designing the new DreamWear and made a mask that:

  • Will not leave red marks or create irritations on the face
  • The hose will not get in your way
  • You can finally sleep in the exact position that you want- thanks to the tubing connection that is located at the top of the head
  • Under the nose full face cushion- minimal contact while providing a secure seal


The DreamWear full face cushions are available in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Medium Wide and Large.

DreamWear – the minimalistic mask from Philips Respironics

  • Low profile cushion design
  • Extremely soft tubing frame
  • Single strap headgear
  • A fully open field of vision

The single strap headgear system rests at the back of the head. It is made of a soft material which provides maximum stability to the mask without having to over tighten it. Then, the tubing elbow located at the top of the head will swivel following your natural range of motion. Therefore, drag is reduced to a minimum.

The soft silicone frame adapts naturally to your facial contours, without creating irritations or any discomfort. When sleeping on your back, the mask will distribute the airflow through both tubes in equal manner. When sleeping on your side, the lower tube will compress so that a comfortable seal is maintained. The airflow is redirected into the open, while the upper tube maintains an unrestricted airflow at the prescribed pressure range.

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