Bruno Chariot – works where other lifts won’t!


Enjoy maximum flexibility with Bruno’s Chariot. The Chariot is perfect for vehicles that cannot support the weight of a traditional mobility lift. Transport your scooter or powerchair safely behind almost any vehicle using Bruno’s exterior scooter/powerchair lift. The Chariot’s independent suspension carries the load’s weight and 360-degree spinning wheels make it easy for anyone to maneuver.

AZ MediQuip provides complete mobility lift solutions. We can install a hitch if you don’t already have one, as well as the wiring kit and all other aspects of your lift installation. We prefer to do this at our stores, but installation at your home is possible as well.  Stop in or call to discuss your needs and how we can help with your mobility lift purchase!

Made in the USA!


Bruno Chariot lift on wheels
Many vehicles today cannot support 200 lbs or more on their rear frame, making a traditional scooter lift unsafe not only for the scooter, but for the car and driver as well!  The Chariot moves the weight from the hitch (and your cars’ frame) onto its own wheels, letting it work with almost any car.  If we can put a hitch on your car – we can install the Chariot.
Chariot scooter lift folded Up

Bruno’s scooter lift on wheels is versatile, easy to use

  • Single button power up/down platform
  • Easy drive on/drive off platform
  • Stays precisely behind vehicle – impossible to “jacknife”
  • Lighting package for peak safety
  • Independent suspension carries weight, not the car
  • Platform manually folds when not in use
  • Retractable securement belts with one-hand operation
  • Easily transfers to another applicable vehicle



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