AZM Basic Rollator


If you’re seeking a safe, convenient aid to improving your daily mobility, a Rollator can be the ideal solution. Wheels make a Rollator a superior option over a standard walker, eliminating the need to lift the device and allowing you to walk with an easy, smooth gait. Plus, Rollators are better for traveling over uneven, outdoor terrain, making them great for your active, busy lifestyle. And with the built-in seat found on a Rollator, you’ll always have a convenient place to rest.

*Actual product may vary from picture shown and color may be red or blue at our option based on stock on hand.


This AZM Basic Rollator with 6″ Casters is a basic model for economy minded individuals or for light, occasional use. It’s designed and built for comfort, durability and ease of use with folding ability and simple handle height adjustment. It has a padded seat for sitting comfort and ease of care. The backrest is also padded. Enhance your mobility – and your quality of life – with a Rollator from AZ MediQuip.


  • Seamless padded seat.
  • Hinged, padded backrest.
  • 6″ Black non-marring casters..
  • Brakes lock for safety when seated.
  • 16 pound product weight
  • 250lb weight capacity


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